Apple is kicking RIM’s Ass

If you’re wondering whether or not APPLE is going to be a good growth buy, or if RIMM done, I think it’s pretty clear the answer is that Apple wins on almost all sides.

Katie RoofKatie Roof – @Katie_Roof
RT @JonErlichman: 3 years ago, #Apple’s market value was 2X Research in Motion. Today, it’s 20X $RIMM. #signofthetimes $AAPL $$

Jon brings up a great point – Apple is just trouncing Research in Motion on every front. I think it’s pretty clear that RIM is a buyout contender right now. Great reference Katie.

I can say, even from personal experience, the Playbook tablet is a pretty solid example of how poorly RIM is able to compete right now. It took me nearly 3 weeks to successfully sell a brand new 16GB Playbook, and even for a new product like that (currently advertised on TV even!), the best price I could manage to move it for was around $350… 30% off retail!

It’s ugly out there.

Alex ToddAlex Todd – @TrustEnabler
#Qstn4RIMBoard To what extent does the board tie its own hands to transfer risks away from strategic stakeholders? $RIMM #CorpGov

At this point – any action sounds like risk, Alex!

At the end of the day, let’s face it. RIM is a dead-man-walking. I think we’ll see another 12-18 months before they get bought out just for their patents and customer list. So long Rimmy.