OC WordPress Meetup

Evenin’ OC WordPress’ers! Glad to see all these happy faces!

Looks like a super packed house, especially on the promise there’ll be a Headway 3 preview demo. Should be a great night!

The big buzz has begun! Headway 2 is previewed by Jeff Turner, mostly to provide a framework to understand “just how awesome” Headway 3 will be.

Now we’re on to a web-share from AJ on Headway 3.

Mike SchroderMike Schroder – @GetSource
OH@#ocwp “Not a computer person; you’re going to get a blank stare” – “I don’t know how to explain; you’re going to get a blank stare back.”

The crowd is rowdy this evening! All sorts of fun banter. Apparently Alex has mic envy. More on that another time.

Cindy RonzoniCindy Ronzoni – @cindyronzoni
Glad to meet you @ajmorris and thanks for helping me with my #headway questions. Love the platform. #ocwp. Thanks for being with us tonight.

Aww, Cindy is so courteous. Thanks for being a kind ambassador to our otherwise rowdy group.

So the rundown on Headway is that they’re going out to a multiple-column layout where you can essentially “draw” your website layout – and load it up with WP-powered “leafs” that really drive the site’s content and other functions.

Overall, the interface is really complex but looks to have a great deal of thought gone in to it. The simple fact is that when you’re tweaking with a page layout and all the various effects that are involved – there’s a lot of stuff. They’ve given plenty of ability to hide and move fields around so that you can simplify your workspace as you build.

The API also appears to be very clean – lots of thought has gone in to making a robust API solution for developers to build custom leaves for Headway. Classes are clearly defined and look like they’ve got simple hooks to build on.

Ricardo BuenoRicardo Bueno – @Ribeezie
OH: Even if you’re not gonna use it, just buy it… (Sales 101) #ocwp

Ha ha that was brilliant… You’ll never get the sale if you don’t ask for the money!

Laura MonroeLaura Monroe – @CreativeAgentVA
woohoo! “Headway 30” is discount code for new owners, free upgrade if you already own Headway. http://t.co/qAJ35D4 #ocwp

Nothing like a deal to move units! I was actually really surprised how little Headway cost. I was expecting quite a bit more than under $100 – but it sounds like they’re going to amp the price with the new version. I’m tempted to just buy it now – just to have it! 😉

Kathy BurckhardtKathy Burckhardt – @kmburck
Agreed! #awesomeness++ RT @HeyDaveCole: Holy **** RAMP is a slick plugin. Nice. #awesome #ocwp WordPress migration!!!

The awesome-meter is going off the charts. I want RAMP. This thing basically serves as a content repo … For someone who’s built numerous production sites on stages and then gone through the process of pushing out to live – this is sweet.

Laura MonroeLaura Monroe – @CreativeAgentVA
OH: oooooing and aaaahhhhing from #ocwp

Yeah, definitely a lot of drool-worthy toys and features shown off tonight. Headway 3 preview was sweet for front-end folks, and for site content publishing Ramp looks like a massive leap forward. I hope my quick demo on responsive design will help folks build a better web – that’s browser and application agnostic. SOLOMO is the trend that I’ve heard time and time again: SOcial LOcal and MObile. Responsive design helps make sure your brand & identity is mobile everywhere.

Sarah WSarah W – @stabitha
A presenter admitted stripping out a drop-down menu design from Twenty Ten. OH: “If you’re not cheating, you’re not really trying” #ocwp

I’m pretty sure every web designer starts their career by clicking “view source” and starting to tinker from there. Thankfully, the web is open and there’s plenty of stuff to tinker with if you’re so inclined.

Winding down the evening with a good discussion on moving PSD files and graphic design in to live websites.

Now we’re on to the general Q & A. Some good questions and ideas on plugins and updates.

Some ideas…

Gravity Forms will let you make upload-friendly forms, so your .

WordPress now features oEmbed. But if it doesn’t work, you might have to mess with media settings.

Now checking out “Next Page” functionality. Just drop


… just double check that your theme supports pagination.

That’s a pretty good wrap for the night! Have fun, be safe – see y’all next time!