OCWP Developer Day 8-15 Edition

Welcome to a new OCWP evening! This time, the full geeks are running the house… 🙂

Brandon DoveBrandon Dove – @brandondove
Sounds like we’re right on track. RT @RossTeasley: Omg… #awesomecount already up to 12 during intros #ocwp

The most important thing about WordPress is to make sure to say “awesome” many, many times. PixelJar seems to have serious concerns about first claim to awesome.

Jeff HesterJeff Hester – @jeffhester
Great ideas on how to make the most of ocwp.org at tonight’s #OCWP meeting. Looking forward with relish.

Yep, gonna be interesting to see what happens with the ocwp.org site over the next couple weeks. Think there’s going to be a battle-royale for super-super-super admin role.

Getting some good information from Anton ( @WhoIsAV ) on Responsive Web Design. Had a great link to a site called MediaQueri.es that features a gallery of nifty media queries that can enable responsive mobile design. Another good link to see what browsers support what at CanIUse.com

Steve ZehngutSteve Zehngut – @Zengy
@whoisav discussing some great stuff on responsive design #ocwp

Yeah; killer presentation with media queries on mobile-smart responsive design. His site is at http://www.whoIsAV.com/ and looks like it flows great between browser resolutions.

Jon BrownJon Brown – @jb510
Responsive 2010 Theme http://t.co/ivGLy1Q #OCWP #WordPress

Ahh cool pickup, thanks Jon – this was mentioned at WordCampSF and sounded like a good way to get a hands-on way to see a rebuild to responsive design.