SMMOC in the Summer! 8-27 Roundup

Finally managed to find the time to get back to another SMMOC meetup. It may be hot outside and windy on the East Coast, but at the Lab it’s social media masterminding.

Oscar GonzalezOscar Gonzalez – @notagrouch
.@stabitha just explained how the FB sponsored stories. Pretty cool. Similar to sponsored Tweets on Twitter. #SMMOC

Started the morning off here at SMMOC with a quick summary of Facebook’s -other- ad offering; sponsored stories.


Kathi KruseKathi Kruse – @kathikruse
How to increase likes on FB? Connect emotionally with your audience, compel them to take action #SMMOC

This has been one of the good threads starting off the morning. Creating emotional ties with your audience is critical to building relationships that last beyond a single click. You can put up whatever gimmick you’d like, but if you’re not touching on the emotional trigger points of your end customers and prospects, the effect won’t last.

Just had a great threaded discussion that delved pretty deep in to the nature of “likes,” followers, community building, search engine relevancy. I think almost more than anything else, there’s a real admiration for tenacity. Dale Chumbley talked a lot about his 365 blog / activities on Facebook, and the reality is that it was mostly a case study on sticking to the plan.

A couple of the good takeaways: Always post a picture. That makes perfect sense. What he pointed out though was to post a picture on the site, then add the picture manually on facebook (so you aren’t dependent on FB’s wonky image grabbing system). In addition, he added a couple lines of text, which provided fresh content, which net a new glance from Google. It’s a pretty nice strategy – ultimately rooted in consistency and tenacity towards the goal of writing 365 things to do in his home town.

Sarah WSarah W – @stabitha
.@DaleChumbley dropping some science on us about how community building drives business. #smmoc

Yeah – definitely brought the heat today Dale!

Stacey HarmonStacey Harmon – @staceyharmon
“So maybe the government should buy twitter” – Hum. Not my favorite idea to come out of #smmoc @topbrokeroc

Bob is a wise man. Maybe he needs more coffee. . .

Guandia GalleryGuandia Gallery – @guandiagallery
“Do it to give something NOT get something” #smmoc

A lot of good vibes pumping out of SMMOC this morning – but when it comes to social media it’s definitely true. People who are obviously out to get something are so obvious on the social platforms.

Stephanie BaldwinStephanie Baldwin – @depmodechick
Privacy settings have been revamped for good on FB – they’re trying to keep up w/Google+ via @staceyharmon #SMMOC

Yeah, competition is a good thing! Now that Facebook has a legitimate competitor in Google+, the privacy settings, feature set, speed, convenience, etc is getting much more attention.

Well, that’s a wrap folks! Happy Saturday! Have a great weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “SMMOC in the Summer! 8-27 Roundup”

  1. Thanks to Dave for one of the most creatively written SMMOC recaps I can remember reading since we started over 2-1/2 years ago. Great style…superb insight. So glad our paths have crossed!

    1. Thanks Bob! It’s always a good time at the Lab – been a busy summer but I always learn something during SMMOC Saturdays.

      I think my favorite takeaway from today really had to be the idea that those Facebook “Like” walls may not be as effective as some folks advertise. I think providing sound content and staying current & active in your community is the best path to quality relationships and future customers.

      Thanks as always for your terrific moderation of the group!

  2. Nice recap, so quick too! Thanks for including me up there. And even though we had fewer people than I’m used to, I think it was a really good session. I really enjoyed listening to DaleChumbley talk about his 365 day experience; really insightful.

    Thanks again for the recap! awesome.

    1. Yeah, I was surprised that it wasn’t packed.. Guess that’s just summer – I know I missed quite a few SMMOC’s with travel.

      Good to see you Oscar! Will you be at OC WordPress on Monday?

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