SMMOC Round-Up June 25

Starting off a great day here at Social Media Mastermind of Orange County – let’s see what good stuff comes up today! Get the most out of it today – SMMOC goes dark next week for the 4th of July holiday weekend.

Cindy RonzoniCindy Ronzoni – @cindyronzoni
Thank you so much @ksablan for all your help putting together #ocregister #socialmediaday #smmoc. Greatly appreciate your efforts.

Kevin’s done a great job organizing & collaborating with Bob to put together a “backchannel” for the Social Media Day on June 30.

Kirsten WrightKirsten Wright – @kirstenwright
The info from is incredible #smmoc

After the SM Day talk, the conversation moved towards things like,, and helpful services to interact & learn.

Got a great thread of a discussion happening around the nature of profit in social media. Who’s making money (profit) using social media?

Results include ideas like… Use SM to acquire new customers, use SM to harvest & build relationships with customers. Profit sources all seem to be derived from core business and marketing activities. Online revenue sources include subscriptions, licensing of content, eBooks, whitepapers (either for cash or for list-building).

Dennis CarpenterDennis Carpenter – @24x7Media
Whitelabel content blogging can be a profit center #Smmoc

This is an interesting part of the discussion… Licensing content is a good idea, but I think it’s worth noting that the content shouldn’t be publicly available content. You can’t sell what you’ve already openly given away on the web…

Raj Qsar, RealtorRaj Qsar, Realtor – @RajQsar
#SMMOC “The Bikini Principle” – show 90% of what you have and charge for the next 10%. @RajQsar

Great little concept here. Not sure if I agree with it though. I might be more interested in the turtleneck principle.

A little mid-session screen cap.

Kirsten WrightKirsten Wright – @kirstenwright
according to @darinrmclure if it wasn’t for 1st person shooters and porn, there would be no internet #smmoc

Great moments in SMMOC knowledge. Doom and porn; the perfect storm for social innovation.

Lisa McClureLisa McClure – @LisaMcClure
I don’t want my Internet regulated! #smmoc

Amen Lisa! Amen! A good conversation about privacy and how much information we’re sharing. But the reality is that – do we really think the federal government is going to make good decisions about internet regulation?

Stacey Soleil ☀Stacey Soleil ☀ – @staceysoleil
Facebook Groups – What’s more valuable? A private/closed group or an open group? Let’s Discuss #SMMOC

The concept of facebook groups keeps coming up… Seems like it’s the new “forum” software, but there’s a lot of confusion about how to setup and organize those groups so that they’re user-friendly to the users – and also serve the community.

Stacey Soleil ☀Stacey Soleil ☀ – @staceysoleil
Discussing FREE vs. PAID across many different platforms today. When do u spend money on a product or service? #SMMOC

Good topic call here… A lively (but short) debate about free, free trials, and paid. I think the general agreement is to EXPECT a trial, and then see what happens. The expectation of freemium or free trial is virtually a perceived requirement.

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