SMMOC Roundup – June 18

Starting off another Saturday morning here at SMMOC (the Social Media Mastermind of Orange County).

Dave ColeDave Cole – @HeyDaveCole
Surviving the #smmoc internet blackout… Thank you iPhone tethering!

Started the day off without internet! Might make the day a little wild around here.

Jim WaleryJim Walery – @jwalery
Talking page title tag best practices at #smmoc. Tough 1st topic.

Jim called it – kicking off SMMOC with a pretty good technical topic. Some good ideas, including adoption of ScribeSEO service.

Lisa McClureLisa McClure – @LisaMcClure
Nice title tag template “industry, geography, specialty” also “recent relevant and local” #smmoc

Good suggestions for putting together title tags – make it count. I’d probably suggest “human” as another extension of these ideas. Make your web pages human friendly.

Marieke HenselMarieke Hensel – @hensel
No internet today at #smmoc #ATt #fail 50 social media peeps, no internet

Yep, this is a grouchy bundle of social media’ers! The twitter stream is pretty quiet as well.

Oscar GonzalezOscar Gonzalez – @notagrouch
#smmoc Your E is your K is your +1 is your Like?

Oscar brings up a great point – Empire Avenue, Klout, Google +1, and Facebook “Like.” Social suggestions, social mentions, social activities. It’s fast moving. Who’s going to bring the next one?

Jeff HesterJeff Hester – @jeffhester
Agreed! RT @mgallizzi: @notagrouch I think permalinks should be turned on by default. Amazes me how many don’t have it turned on #smmoc

A good twitter-based side-topic on permalinks. Totally agree with Jeff, Matt, and Oscar. Turn on your pretty permalinks folks! Helps the search engines, helps the user.

Jim WaleryJim Walery – @jwalery
Discussing best iPad apps @#smmoc – flipboard collabracam iMovie printershare – good to know

Couple neat iPad iOS app suggestions

Cindy RonzoniCindy Ronzoni – @cindyronzoni
Thank you for the wonderful #pr endorsement everyone. It means the world to me. #SMMOC

Completely true. I’m totally biased, but that don’t matter. Cindy, you rock!

Dennis CarpenterDennis Carpenter – @24x7media
#smmoc passion driven ROI per @TopBrokerOC

Nice pickup Dennis – really hope Bob shares his presentation soon, sounds like a great topic.

Jeff HesterJeff Hester – @jeffhester
For most businesses, social media is not a revenue stream. It’s about building relationships. #SMMOC

I think you’re spot on with the long play – it’s not about making money today, it’s about planting those thousand seeds for tomorrow.

Having a pretty great conversation about strategy, tactics, and the necessity of being active in the social media space. In 5 years, will there be successful business with no social media presence? My personal take: No way. You will not see a successful / thriving / growing business in US that has ignored the social channels.

Oscar GonzalezOscar Gonzalez – @notagrouch
whoever owns the relationship owns the customer #SMMOC

Great cap to the day. Monetization chat was a good one – and at the end of the day, if you make your living off sales, you better be concerned with owning your relationships.

That’s this week SMMOC! Have a great weekend everyone!


A couple other folks have recapped the June 18th SMMOC meetup:

It’s really awesome to be able to participate in this kind of weekly brainstorm and mind-share. Just remember (and these 3 rules were very appropriate this past weekend!):

  • AFZ: Acronym Free Zone… If you’re gonna use it, at least be able to explain it.
  • There are no stupid questions…

Oh, and Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there.

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  1. Hey Dave! Great round up and thanks for the coverage. Thank you for including me. I feel special now 🙂 I enjoyed the meeting and listening to your insights. Looking forward to the next one.

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