Welcome to iTwitter, Don’t Forget Your “Thank You’s”

I just got my first chance to play around with the new Twitter functionality in iOS 5 (aka iTwitter), and right off the bat – I’m thrilled! They updated the keyboard by adding an “@” and a “#” button, and the appearance / feel of sending images is good. It’s not texting or instant messaging, but it’s not emailing either. Sending a tweet is sorta like saying “Hey, here’s a thing!” and there’s even a cute “tweet” sound that chirps once you hit send.

As someone involved in the Twitter eco-system, I couldn’t be more thrilled with how easy they’ve integrated the little blue bird in to the iPhone. From a development perspective, we’re thrilled here at Dashter that the new iOS 5 integration uses the new Twitter “media” entity – because now these tweet’d pics are easily referenced from within the API. It’s very clean – and we can’t wait to show off how we’re taking advantage of this technology on our end.

But one other thing does come to mind with this level of integration: It’s one-way. Part of the beauty of Twitter is that you can post “blindly” to your followers – the expectation of reciprocation is low, compared to paired networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. But that also comes with the potential for people to forget that Twitter is a wonderful conversation medium. I liken Twitter more to a public text messaging service than a private social network. But with the ease of connectivity that is included in iOS 5, I think the potential is there for people to forget to participateΒ on Twitter.

TNWTNW – @TNWapple
Twitter goes all in with iOS 5, showcasing features on a new landing page http://t.co/es0Uxt0o by @heycheri

Obviously, Twitter should be thrilled. 100m new potential users in a day is a pretty good day, I don’t care who you are!

My hope is that this is just the first attempt to interlink Twitter & the iPhone. I’m certain someone somewhere at Apple / Twitter is testing around with integrating Twitter DM’s and Apple’s new iMessaging system – sorta like a fresh alias for conversations and one-to-one connections. But don’t forget to keep your Twitter iPhone app installed – you’ll need it to say “Thank You” to all the people who are talking about you online. With the new Notification center, this should be easier than ever.

Stephanie McGeoughStephanie McGeough – @lovedamaged
I’m tweeting this picture from iOS 5 integrated twitter. I’m so impressed. http://t.co/Qo3zIYB0

Stephanie has about the same experience I did… It’s fun & impressive. I suppose at some point soon we’ll all feel the pain of a fail whale, but today seems all good! πŸ™‚

What do you think? Is Twitter going to improve with this deep integration with the iPhone? Or does it spell doom for the little social network that could?

Francisco RoyecaFrancisco Royeca – @KikoRoyeca
Thank you Steve Jobs for Apple iOS 5 πŸ™‚ http://t.co/v7lwEuUo

Well said, Francisco. Well said.