Another New Toy… Tweet Pull Quote Plugin for WordPress

Jeff [@JeffTurner] asked me yesterday for a plugin, and I figured I might as well oblige. It seemed pretty straightforward, and let me keep my plugin-chops up to date. So, without further ado, I introduce: Tweet Pull Quote plugin. I’ll probably submit it to the repo in a little while, but for the time being, I’ll have it available for download on my site in the WordPress Sandbox.

“Jeff wanted the ability to create a pull-quote that included a Tweet button.”

The idea behind the plugin is simple. Jeff wanted the ability to create a pull-quote that included a Tweet button. Hence, the name Tweet Pull Quote. Apparently, I was feeling especially literal today so the name is sticking. To use it, just add the short-code “pq” to any piece of text: {pq}This is my quote here{/pq} (replace {} with []). Short and sweet.

“You can also choose to make it appear on the right side”

There are 3 settings: You can choose from small, medium, or large font for your pull quotes, and you can also choose to have a black bar separating the quote from your content if you’d like. There’s also a setting to save your Twitter screen name, so the tweets will include an @mention to you when people use it. You can also choose to make it appear on the right side by using “pq align=right” as the shortcode.

One notable feature – the pull quote is retained in the post body content. Some of the other quote plugins I found would remove the quoted text (as a callout) from the body. But to me, that’s not a good parallel to print, where the quote is something you’ll find in the text itself. So in this case, the text is retained, and the quote is moved to the top of the paragraph that the quote appears within. That way, you can quote anywhere in your content, and it should appear correctly.

So, there you have it! Tweet Pull Quote for WordPress. Have fun!

Download the plugin here: Dave’s WordPress Sandbox

10 thoughts on “Another New Toy… Tweet Pull Quote Plugin for WordPress”

  1. Another suggestion that you may not find hard. Have metadescriptors like you have, but then permit me to set the content.
    Meaning: [pq align=right text=Arbitrary text that overrides what’s there] [/pq] This way I can tease the bottom of the post (the money quote – the coke machine doesn’t call its mom every time it makes a sale) anywhere I like. This allows for more options and doesn’t seem to be particularly hard to achieve.

  2. Me likey! One question though… Actually two. 🙂
    The first is: You’ve set-up the div with in-line styles. Was just curious if you’d be willing to assign a class. I did it myself for now and that seems to be working okay.

    The second: We’re trying the plug-in on one of our new sites and are getting duplicate entries (one styled and one not) in the post. Not sure what the cause is but i figured you’d want to have a look. I’ll email you a link to the page where we’re testing it.

    Other than those two things, very, very cool! Thank you (again). 🙂

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