About Dave

My name is Dave Cole.

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my beautiful family.

I work at Las Vegas Sands, as a Marketing Manager focusing on the intersection of CRM, loyalty, and technology.

I love science fiction books & movies. My favorites include Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card and The Foundation Saga by Isaac Asimov.

I’m a fan of the Apple ecosystem – and love that their technology really “just works.”

Here are some facts that used to be true but may have been deprecated thanks to the continual progression of, you know, life:

I’m the jumpstarter of DashboardLabsWe eventually called it Dashter, and the company spun up in 2011 and wound down in 2012. Lots of fun!

I’m the cofounder and former COO of Propel Point. Still a thing, though I’m no longer involved with Propel Point other than loving its’ cofounder. 

I live in Orange County, CA. That was true, and now it’s not.

I have a cat named Cali. She is still hanging out! 

I love Coffee Bean mocha lattes (iced when warm, hot when cold).

I look forward to meeting you!
Twitter: @HeyDaveCole, Facebook: @HeyDaveCole, Linkedin: In/DaveCole Won’t be able to find me on Facebook, but everywhere else I’m looking forward to saying hello.

My goal for this site is to carve out a universal personal place on the web for me to assemble longer-form content about anything that I find interesting. I’m not sure where it will take me yet, so bear with me over the next few weeks and months as it evolves in to whatever it will be.

I’m also trying to use this in conjunction with the other websites that I’ve put up recently and throughout the years. Most notably, I’ve had a couple sites up for quite a while:

SciFi-Guy.com is my science fiction review website. I’m a big fan of the genre, and in the past I used to frequently write about movies, books, TV shows, websites, or whatever “SciFi” stuff I could find. Unfortunately, that got put on the back-burner, though my interest and passion for excellent speculative fiction still remains. I’m hoping to revisit SciFi-Guy.com more regularly from here forward.

AltEnToday.com (Alternative Energy Today)was a site that I had setup back in 2008 when I had returned to college (SJSU) and was interested in pursuing a career in the alternative energy sector. I truly believe that it is our generation’s mission to find the bridge between energy and sustainability. The site itself used to be a “hire me!” site, but my goal with it now will likely be to bring a light curation and commentary on interesting alternative energy stories I discover.

A new site that I put up just a couple months ago is AppRatr.com. This site is designed to be a place where I can share my favorite iOS apps. I’ve added a couple, but the process isn’t yet quick & easy enough to make it as painless as I’d want it to be. I also own the domain PluginRatr.com, which I’d like to setup eventually to mimic the AppRatr.com design, but feature reviews & ratings of WordPress Plugins. I think there’s a need for that, but the process of setting it up so that people can submit reviews & ratings is a little lengthy. I just need to do it.

Of course, I also operate DashboardLabs, which is a technology development firm dedicated to making the web play better together.

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