OC WordPress Meetup

Evenin’ OC WordPress’ers! Glad to see all these happy faces!

Looks like a super packed house, especially on the promise there’ll be a Headway 3 preview demo. Should be a great night!

The big buzz has begun! Headway 2 is previewed by Jeff Turner, mostly to provide a framework to understand “just how awesome” Headway 3 will be.

Now we’re on to a web-share from AJ on Headway 3.

Mike SchroderMike Schroder – @GetSource
OH@#ocwp “Not a computer person; you’re going to get a blank stare” – “I don’t know how to explain; you’re going to get a blank stare back.”

The crowd is rowdy this evening! All sorts of fun banter. Apparently Alex has mic envy. More on that another time.

Cindy RonzoniCindy Ronzoni – @cindyronzoni
Glad to meet you @ajmorris and thanks for helping me with my #headway questions. Love the platform. #ocwp. Thanks for being with us tonight.

Aww, Cindy is so courteous. Thanks for being a kind ambassador to our otherwise rowdy group.

So the rundown on Headway is that they’re going out to a multiple-column layout where you can essentially “draw” your website layout – and load it up with WP-powered “leafs” that really drive the site’s content and other functions. Continue reading OC WordPress Meetup