The New

This week I decided to give my site a makeover… My previous site had several very cool elements, but overall it wasn’t focused on what I wanted to focus on: providing you a clean & readable format for what’s on my mind. Too many sidebars, too much navigation, and not enough reading room.

Well, that’s all changed with this new theme. I’ve thought quite a bit about how I want readers to engage with me and my posts, and this is the outcome. I can also attest to several key influences during this re-design, including the super-barebones homepage of Jason Schuller, and the clean barebones WordPress framework Wordplate (which this site is built upon) by Nathan Staines. Continue reading The New

Limiting WordPress Post Loading on Mobile Devices

Earlier today, I caught a quick post to the Orange County WordPress group by Priscilla Christian:

Priscilla Gary Christian

This guy is harshing my (responsive design) mellow. What do you all think?

Considering I gave a quick chat on responsive design last night at our meetup, I wanted to delve in to the article and see what the big fuss was all about. Well, it turns out that several of the points were (rightly) targeted at load times and page optimization. Responsive design using media queries implies that you’ve using “display: none” or “visibility: hidden” to limit what’s being shown on the page – but as the authors pointed out – that doesn’t prevent the data from being downloaded. Hence, the bandwidth problem. The page might appear┬áless bulky, but in reality the device / browser is loading just as much data.

So, that got me thinking about load times for mobile devices. If you want to reduce load speed, wouldn’t the easiest solution just be to load less stuff?

My solution is pretty straightforward, relatively un-tested, and I’m certain it’s not a good fix (for reasons I’m not even clever enough to think of) – but for the moment I think it’s not a bad fix. Continue reading Limiting WordPress Post Loading on Mobile Devices