You Can’t Control What You Don’t Control

Over the past year, I’ve slowly but surely become a WordPress fanatic. My wardrobe now consists primarily of WordPress SWAG t-shirts, and my new business venture is built specifically to amplify WordPress.

I’ve attended 3 WordCamps this summer – San Diego, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (I would’ve attended OC but my lazy ass forgot to buy a ticket). I follow most of the WP core contributor team on Twitter, have met many of the Automattic team members over the past few months, and even had Matt himself punish me with a not-Irish car bomb shot in San Diego. I also attend the bi-weekly WP events here in Orange County at the OC WordPress group meetups, and enjoy the opportunity to learn and share what I’ve learned with fellow WP geeks.

Attendees at WordCamp San Diego

Today I caught a tweet in my stream that caught my attention (predominantly because I think the world of Jane and perk up any time she posts something to Twitter):

Jane WellsJane Wells – @janeforshort
DevPress, WPCandy, and Why I’m Now 80% Blonde: Part the First

At first I figured this would be a funny post – perhaps she’d lost a bet to someone and was forced to bleach her hair. The other side of the link, however, was hardly a cheerful post. Rather, she unfolded her side of a story I hadn’t even heard about until today. But once I got the grasp of what was going on, I felt compelled to share my perspective. Though I have no association or affiliation with anyone involved, as a “WP fanboy” and member of the community, I think I’m at least part of the target “community” that could potentially be affected by the discussion – so I might as well get in my $0.02 while it might be heard.

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